Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bzzzz! Don't just be

Classroom rules:

  1. Be quiet in the classroom.
  2. Be still in your seat.
  3. Be nice to your neighbor.
  4. Be your best!
Be these things and you can be on the honor roll!
Sound familiar? Certainly it's an upgrade from:

Classroom rules:
  1. Don't talk out of turn.
  2. Don't run.
  3. Don't ask questions. 
  4. Don't get out of line. 
Well, upgrade might be a little strong come to think of it. How much time during the day are students told how "to be"? Why are they told to "be"? I don't want students to "be"; I want them to do!

Sure they can "do nice things for your neighbor", "monitor your voice in the classroom", and "sit tall in your seat". I'm confident they would if we would only ask. Honestly, I guess that's the difference. If we TELL them to "be", we have the power and control the action. If we ASK them to "do", they have the power and control the action. Are you telling your students to "be" or asking them to "do"? Me? I want students to do!

Nike had it right all along; just DO it!


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