Friday, December 21, 2012

Santa Baby... UPDATE!

I LOVE Christmas. I love Christmas songs, I love Christmas lights. I love Christmas shopping and wrapping. AND I LOVE Christmas music!! Needless to say I love this time of year. (Okay, enough with the love). On the radio this morning, I heard the old Christmas classic Santa Baby. After singing along and realizing I just asked for a 54 convertible, it occurred to me that it would be fun activity to update this song. Would Chromebooks make the cut? Would the new song include a Starbucks giftcard? Probably. Fear not, Tiffany's and a ring would stay! But once I got past the wish list, I thought about how this song does indeed bring back memories of Christmas past. Then BAM! It hit me! 

 I LOVE Christmas music because it is a reminiscence of yesteryear. It brings me back and allows me to relive an exciting time or event in my life. I couldn't change a Christmas song. I would be stealing a memory maker. Why mess with something so great? And that is how so many teachers feel too. 

 So very many of them taught the way they were taught. They deliver lessons they fondly remember receiving as a student. The "art of teaching" is their very own collection of Christmas music. It is happy, it is pleasurable.... and it is often sadly out of date. Do you know many people who really want a '54 light blue convertible? Sure Jay Leno and car collectors. Or how many "duplex and checks" did you see on a shopping list? I'm thinking few. Times have changed. Wish lists have too. Shouldn't teaching?