Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It's Timeriffic! @rdrrlabs

While I still haven't weighed in on this video that was circling Twitter last week,  I will say I'm pretty attached to my devices. My cell phone is never left behind; it's kind of my life line.

 My all too frequent problem was remembering to change the volume of my phone based on where I was. I was constantly turning the volume up and down. When I went to work. When I left work. When I went to bed. When I woke up. You get the idea. The problem was that I didn't always remember to turn the ringer back up and would miss calls, notifications, etc. Have you ever tried to find a cell phone with the volume turned down?!?!  Then I found out, there is indeed an app for that. Say hello to my good friend Timeriffic!

This app allows me to have my phone automatically change the ringer and notification volume based on what time and day of the week it is. I have literally set it and then forget about it. Beyond ringer notifications, it also changes whether Wi-Fi is on, screen brightness, alarm volume, Bluetooth, Airplane mode, and more!

For me, this was a no-brainer. It is set during the workweek to a very low volume during work hours. When I walk out the door and head for Houston traffic, I don't have to remember to turn the volume back up because Timeriffic already did it! :D

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  1. When someone says such nice things about Timeriffic we get all mushy inside. We are always happy to help our users and we reply to every single helpdesk email we get. Thanks for being a user and for such a nice post.