Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Re: Gmail Subject Line

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Jamie Vandergrift, reached out to me and Amy Mayer with a Gmail question. A friend of hers was having trouble changing the subject line when replying inside Gmail. And so this post was born!

Google and I as a whole have a very love/hate relationship. Sometimes I feel like we have a Taylor Swift relationship (sans goats). When I remove my bias, Google truly offer educators amazing free tools and as more and more schools embrace Google Apps for Education (GAFE), Gmail is one of those tools. In true Google fashion, they will randomly move, delete, or add things. Actions and items will be thoughtlessly put in a drop down menu where no one would ever expect to find them. I chalk it up to their engineer minds that are so superior to mine.

All that being said, here is your quick Gmail lesson of the day.

Whenever you respond to an email in Gmail it is occassionally necessary to change the subject line (please see disclaimer below). When that rare occassion arises, the place for that is well hidden.

1. Click “Reply” on the Email.
2. Click the little arrow in the box in the new Reply/Compose window.
3. Click “Edit Subject”

DONE deal! Change the subject line and carry on.

DISCLAIMER: While this whole conversation was happening on Twitter, Amy pointed something out that is worth noting for etiquette purposes. Randomly changing the subject isn’t the best plan for most emails. If the entire subject is really a change, go ahead and start a new thread. Many people have their emails in “conversation view” and changing the subject a couple of times can really mess things up. For others, it is simply frustrating to carry on an entire conversation when the subject has changed. Just start a new thread. For those that really want to change the subject line…. carry on!

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