Thursday, September 5, 2013

Send a WHAT?!?!?! A Fax? @HelloFax

Welcome to Apptastic Thursday!
Today's app goes to Hello Fax. Go ahead and file this under productivity and time saver. Like I mentioned in yesterday's post on Print Friendly and PDF, I DO NOT like to print. Worse than printing HAS to be faxing. I mean really?!? Who does this anymore?!?

Not exactly a rhetorial question. I can personally attest to insurance companies, schools, and doctors' offices that still believe in late 80s technology. Whatever floats their boat but for me... it just isn't working! Between figuring out which way the paper faces and trying to keep it from eating my papers, it is truly just a test in patience. Say hello to Hello Fax! This handy, dandy Chrome app connects seamlessly to my Google Account. With a few quick clicks, I can not only send faxes but also add signatures to the documents I am "faxing". The documents are uploaded through my Google account and a confirmation email is sent when the documents are successfully sent. Not one company has ever complained about the way the fax is received. Apparently, they have no idea that it came from my computer. More than once, it has been invaluable to me when I am traveling, at home, or out and about far away from a fax machine.

Ready to get "faxing" right from your computer?

Step one: Install Hello Fax.
     *Good for Chrome, Android, and iOS.*

Step Two: Connect to your Google Drive.

Step Three: Add your Signature.
     *I took a picture of mine with my smart phone but they have other options too.*

Step Four: Start faxing from the comfort of your chair!

For the casual user, the free account will most likely suit your needs. If, however, you are working with lots of people still using AquaNet and wearing parachute pants, one of the monthly plans may offer you more flexibility including being able to receive faxes through the app.

Stay calm and Fax on!

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