Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Turn Off the Lights (Don't Light a Candle) @TurnOffTheLight

One of my FAVE-OR-ITE extensions is Turn Off the Lights. Not intended to be a slight to Teddy Pendergrass' song of the same name but this is something else entirely!

Turn Off the Lights is an extension for the Chrome browser. At it's very basic, it mutes/shades the screen except for the portion where the video is actually playing. In the classroom, this is brilliant for hiding other videos, ads, etc. I personally use it for watching videos not in full screen or to change the effect of the video I'm watching. Below is a screencast showing some of the features of Turn Off the Lights.

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**Screencast created using Jing.**

A couple of things to note:

  • It does not attach where many other extensions are. It actually shows up in the Omni bar (also known as the address bar). The lightbulb type icon will be there anytime you are on a webpage where it can be used. Generally that is going to be where there is a video of some sort.
  • There are some GREAT shortcuts to know
    Crtl + Shift + L to turn lights on/off
    Alt + F8 restore default opacity
    Alt + F9 save current opacity
    Alt + F10 enable/disable eye protection
    Alt + (Up arrow) increase opacity
    Alt + (Down arrow) decrease opacity
  • Check out the Options inside manage extensions!

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