Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Welcome Back to Blogging! cc @gcouros @RafranzDavis

Hello Again World!

I've blogged. Stop. Wait six months. Blog again. Blog a bunch. Forget to blog. Read others blogs. Remind myself to blog. Blog..... Rinse. Repeat. You get the idea. I think blogging is a very powerful and useful medium and one that I tend to forget to follow through on. I jot a note, add a virtual stickie, and sometimes even begin a draft and then I forget to follow through. Well no more!

**Disclaimer - I am still light years away from the great George Couros and Rafranz Davis **

From this point forward, the plan is to blog at least every weekday. Ideally, the schedule will follow something like this:

  • Mondays - Get Moving Mondays! This will encompass everything from a productivity tool to an inspirational story or showcase of student's work. It will will be something to get you moving on a positive note on Mondays. 

  • Tuesdays - Toolbelt Tuesdays. This is inspired by the idea "obvious to you, new to someone else". It seems that I am frequently bombarded with people wanting to know how I do "such and such". Usually it is something that has become so very common place to me I don't even think about it anymore. Time to share it out!
  • Wednesdays - Extension over Midweek Whatever latest and greatest (or most frequently used) Chrome Extension I have come to love and use will be shared. I keep TONS and move some in and out. These seem to be the little magic pieces most people get excited about. If you don't have Chrome installed on your machine, DO THAT NOW! I'll wait ;-)
  • Thursdays - Apptastic Thursdays Every good EdTech blog needs Apps, right? From Chrome to Android to Apple, I have apps up my sleeve for you. From novel uses to tried and true classics, prepare for a weekly share. For the most part, the apps will be free (they are my favorite price to "pay"). 
  • Friday - Freaky Fridays. I LOVE finding innovative uses for apps. Let me repeat that: I LOVE finding innovative uses for apps. If you have a cool way to use an app let me know. From alarm clocks that were never intended to be, to app uses my own kids have come up, I will share it out. 
The weekends? Those are reserved for my rants, raves, reviews, and reflections. Whatever I've come up, that's what you will find. If you haven't subscribed/followed this blog so far, then now is probably a great time! As always, comments are always welcome :D


  1. A. I LOVE this pic and mainly because two of my favorite people are in it!
    B. I love your blogging formula, however a formula becomes another fitness plan that doesn't get met!
    C. You are such a rock star full of rock star ideas (Yes I know you hate the term but deal)
    D. I LOVE this pic....did I say that already?

  2. Looking forward to reading all that you're willing to share!
    Good luck with the schedule! I'm rooting for ya!
    And like Rafranz mentioned, Great pic! :-)