Thursday, July 17, 2014

We've Got the Magic! #DENSI2014

Tonight was magical. There is simply no other word for it. Just pure magic.

Tonight was the inaugural DENovator Faire at DENSI2014 in Nashville, TN. From 7:00 – 9:00 pm tonight, the DEN family made, created, learned and shared. The talents were diverse. From one table to the next, DENovators shared their love and passion with each other. In one room, people made guitar picks, jewelry, ornaments, pillows, and even Smores. Not a few feet away, the talent flowed over into the hallway with augmented reality books, camouflage geocaches, and even homemade chapstick. Walking around checking on the DENovators, I had the privilege of being able to take over 100 pictures and more than 5 minutes of video. Going back through them, I noticed the same thing time and again: Smiles.

The DENovators were smiling. The participants were smiling. Everywhere I looked there were smiles. While the DENovators shared their passion and crafts, the participants learned, played, and created. Over and over again, people shared their ideas to bring this back to their faculty meetings, schools, and communities. The space was full and completely at a buzz.

As the night came to an end and the clean-up began, I heard stories. One DENovator shared with me that two people were beaming when they finished the craft he was sharing. The pure joy in their eyes shone bright as they exclaimed that they had never actually created anything before. They felt accomplished. Many told me about DENovators who had come out of their shell and shared their passion with so much authenticity, that the real was so very apparent. Participants enjoyed the evening as much or more than those who had volunteered their time and passion.

Many gave me hugs and thanked me for organizing the event. Like everything within the DEN, it truly was pure team work. Without each individual DENovator, the support of the DEN team, and the many others who stepped up to set up, share, create, learn and clean-up, it would not have been possible in any way. Therein lies the beauty of an event like that. It takes everyone activiely participating for it to be successful. Every single person there was personally responsible for the vast amounts of learning that occurred.

Is this true for your classroom? For your school? Does the success of every day rest fully on the shoulders of every participant? Is every one there fully versted and engaged with what is happening?

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  1. I totally agree! It was wonderful to watch (and participate a little). Definitely a night filled with wonder, smiles, surprise, and excitement. So glad you were driving this train. Your enthusiasm spilled over to everyone and everything!