Saturday, April 26, 2014

I like to Move it! Movenote! @MoveNote #DENVirtCon

Have you ever created an AMAZING presentation following all the grand rules of design and presentation skills just to realize that it can't stand alone once you post it online? The slides without a presenter don't tell a story or provide very much information. Dive back in to add words and you soon realize the slides have too many words and have lost their visual power. Cue mounting frustration! What's a presenter, teacher, student to do? Break the rules of design or lose the information being presented? As long as you (the presenter) and the slides are together, everything is great in the world. Separate the two and "lost in translation" doesn't begin to cover it. Movenote to the rescue!

Movenote bills itself as "presenting your documents with video". That pretty much sums it up! Open the app or create an account and you are already a third of the way through. Add any content you will present (images, presentations, video, documents) and then press record. The video on your phone, tablet, or computer records you as you navigate the content you just added. A quick click to preview you and then you decide how you will share it. Ta-da and done!

For students, Movenote allows their in class presentation to live on. Finally, students don't have to add all their content to the slides. Their video, complete with audio, will always accompany the riveting presentation they did on mountains in Asia. Teachers can stop sending home cumbersome worksheets for parents to desperately try to figure out. Create a Movenote explaining the homework or concept taught in class. Students and parents can watch it as many times as needed to gain full understanding. Content and teacher, all in one place!

The uses in education alone are almost endless. Here's a short list to get you started:

  • Create a "how-to" for everything from lab safety to learning to crochet. The content can be research, a step-by-step list or the rules and materials for the project. Record yourself completing the activity or zooming in on a detail oriented task. 
  • Flipped classroom anyone?
  • Create a lesson for your students when there will be a substitute. All the sub has to do is press play! You could also send it to your students directly. 
  • Teach a foreign language? Students can create a Movenote reading a story in one language with images of the story uploaded in another language. 
  • Create a class newsletter or update of a field trip or project. You can pause the video while recording to allow each student to record a small segment.
What will you Movenote today?

Available online, for Android, in the Chrome Web Store, and for iOS.

Discovery Education VirtCon presentation on April 26, 2014 on MoveNote.  You need to be able to view LiveStream to see it here.
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