About Kristy

Kristy Vincent - a.k.a The Big Purple Hat Lady

Kristy Vincent is a visionary educator passionate about 21st century learners. With an infectious enthusiasm prevalent in all of her trainings, she zealously provides professional educators the tools they need to be learning facilitators in the classroom. Dubbed a social media queen, Kristy believes the era of "sage on stage" has long past and learning without walls is here to stay! 

An educator by passion, Kristy is available to come to your district to provide professional development on Google Apps for Education, BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology), Discovery Education, and technology integration. Additionally, Kristy is available as a keynote speaker. Please use the Contact tab above to schedule your district today!

Disclaimer: The posts, ideas, and thoughts on this blog represent my (Kristy Vincent's) own opinion and do not necessarily represent those of her employer or clients.

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