What about the Hat?

So what is the deal with the hat?

When I worked at a regional service center in Texas, our department realized that we did indeed wear many hats within the realm of technology. When an opportunity presented itself to purchase a number of dramatic and entertaining hats, we jumped on it. Within all the hats was my big purple hat. I've always had a hankering for hats and kept it to make it my own. Of course the fact that it was purple... well that just meant that it called to me :-)

I noticed when I would present at larger conferences, it was easy to get lost in the crowd. At only 5'2" and having the look of a twelve year old (braces included), I was also overlooked as the possible presenter. My hat fixed that! Either people were too scared to approach the crazy lady in the hat or they figured only the presenter would be crazy enough to pull such a stunt. Whatever the reason, once my hat showed up, people stopped asking me if I was the presenter and just assumed I was. From that point forward, it just kind of grew on me. It became my calling card of sorts. Soon people were looking for the "crazy hat lady" or the "big purple hat". I purchased the domain bigpurplehat.com and the rest as they say is history!

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